Beginner’s Tip and Tricks on starting your Capitalist Empire

AdVenture Capitalist is Hyper Hippo’s take on the popular Idler genre. Launched March 2015 on mobile devices and Steam by Kongregate, the game took the Idle world by storm. The game is pretty straightforward; sell your products to gain money, buy more product producers to gain even more money. But as time progresses, the game’s difficulty becomes a bit harder for those who don’t have much patience.

We found out that the three most common questions when it comes to AdVenture Capitalist would be:

These questions are just the basic among all questions regarding the game. You’re luck we’re good people, else we wouldn’t be sharing you our trade secrets.
1. Moving forward
A few hours after your first lemon squeeze, you might have noticed some other products being available. After gaining a few million dollars, it is possible for a player to wonder what would happen next.

The goal of the game would be to complete all the achievements (unlocks) on all planets, sounds pretty simple? I’m afraid it isn’t. If you’ve managed to buy all the possible money makers on Earth, congratulations, you’ve just hit one of the hardest obstacles in game. Earning your next few millions from these bad boys would take exponentially more time as compared to your lemon stands, which by now is starting to feel sluggish.

Don’t you worry; this is part of the game. Just make sure to keep buying upgrades whenever available from the Upgrades menu. Also, do not forget to check if your product is nearing an Unlock to make money production on that item even faster. One other thing to notice if you feel the need for speed is the last type of Unlock, wherein you would need to have ALL your products on an equal level (scaled per hundred). This unlock is sure to boost your profits by giving 2x speed per 100 product upgrades.

2. Think you’re stuck? Think again!

If you think you’ve hit a wall and can’t progress any further, think again. After earning a few heaps of money bags, you’ll start to see an increase on your Investors menu. These are the game’s infamous Angel Investors which help boost profit by 2% each and are also the currency used for Angel Upgrades and some Managers. Just by resetting your game and gaining angels, you’ll be able to breach that wall you’ve completely stopped under on your next game.

3. How to make more MONEY!

I personally think that this is everyone’s favorite question, especially the bit about cheating for more money. To put simply, just combine all of the above tactics. Upgrade, Unlock, Reset for Angels. Just keep that steady flow and you’ll see your profits multiplying to shocking heights enabling you to be a better Capitalist than you were 24 hours ago, or 10 mins ago if you’re at 92 quintringtillion Angel Investors like I am.

Though I am kinda ashamed to admit the amount of hours I spent on the game, I will never be ashamed to admit that it is really fun and entertaining.

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