Getting a Handle on Defending Your Mobile Strike Base

Anticipating and handling the attacks from your opponents is key to winning battles. No matter what situation you are in, kill events will continue to happen. The endless waves of enemy units are something that must be learned to be handled with goals. When using Mobile Strike hack to nerf your opponents by getting free gold, then you are on to something.

The top tactic that the best Mobile Strike players use is to defend themselves against such attacks is being ready for it. By scouting your opponents base and getting Intel on what buildings and units they are pumping out, you are putting your team on the safer side of the game. With the information obtained from scouting, you can start producing defense buildings and units. When you combine Enemy health debuff when they try to assault your base, you will be in full command for 150% boost for defending your base.

Taking the full power of artillery and using it as a centerpiece of your defensive structure is also a smart move. By building artillery and applying appropriate boosts to them, they become a menacing structure to contend for. Indeed, the artillery boost is the favorite tactic that our team use constantly to win matches, especially when they are combined with air-support and basic infantry units

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