Pokemon GO Guide for Evolving your Pokemons

Are you looking for an effective way of evolving your Pokémon? Perhaps you are just training and you want to up your Pokémon game. Fortunately, this article is packed with awesome tips and insights that will simply better your mastery of the game. Indeed, the main aim of evolving the Pokémon is to heighten your score and to raise your level or move to another level. That means you will be developing a wild Pokémon that is very powerful and fit for battle.

What is required for evolution?

For the evolution of the Pokémon to happen, there must be a candy. This is just but the ingredient that makes the process successful. In this case, at least 12 candy are needed for the evolution of the Pidgey, Weedle, and Caterpie.

In addition, if your Pokémon is evolving only once, you will need at least 50 candy. A good example is when the Pokémon Spearow is turning into a Fearow among others. A higher limit that is needed is the 400 candy for evolving the Magikarp to Gyarados.

The best time for Pokémon evolution

In this guide, you will not only learn on how to evolve the Pokémon but also the timing. It is very important to know the favorable time that will be fruitful for evolving the same in order for you to realize and achieve your targets without having to use cheating hacking tools like this for Pokemon Go.

Actually, every time is the right time for Pokémon evolution. Once you have collected the Pokémon, you have got a candy that comes with it and that is the requirement for evolving that Pokémon to come up a more powerful type. Every capture that you make has come with a different CP level and that is the power that is so essential in fighting a battle. Therefore, whenever you capture a Pokémon, try to evolve it to come up with the one with more CP.

How to evolve a Pokémon

After learning some few things about evolving a Pokémon, it is now our high time to try it practically. If you are seated and just on the game, here are some of the few tips and guidelines on how to go about the same.

1. Go to the main menu of your smartphone, tap the main menu and you will see the apps that correspond to what you are just looking for. In this case, it is the Pokémon app. Once you are here, touch on the app and leave it to start and to give you further directions. After this, you will see the Pokémon and this is what you need for your game.

2. From the Pokémon list, you are to select a Pokémon that you will take through the evolution process. Once you are done selecting the best fit of Pokémon to evolve, go to the summary and tap the evolve button.

In summary, you should always remember that evolution is not a process of multiplying the Pokémon but rather, getting a Pokémon that is more powerful. Therefore, you need to carry out your selection wisely bearing in mind the fact that, different Pokémon evolve to give evolved Pokémon of different CP; that is Pokémon with different power or strength that is necessary for battle.

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