Surviving in a Square World of The Blockheads

Sandbox game have begun their rise to fame in the gaming market. It’s not a surprise that this type of game mode is slowly making its way to the mobile market too. What’s not to love with a world you can frolic freely and no rules to determine how you play a game.

Now, there’s a limited number of successful sandbox games on the app store but if you’re keen to sift through the many games, you’ll find the gem called the Blockheads.

At a first glance, I’m sure you’ll notice the similarities that The Blockheads has with a particular game that has taken this niche into fame. Despite that, The Blockheads has its own share of gimmicks that will make it a great mobile app to add to your phone especially when combined with resource hack tools like The Blockheads cheats for free crystals.

For much easier viewing, The Blockheads makes use of a side-scrolling approach but despite its 2D constrictions; it makes up for its charm. Much like any sandbox game, you’re free to roam your world. One of the basic things to do is set up your home. Staking your claim on land is easy but setting up a house is not an easy feat.

This is where your skills come in.

You’ll have to dig through layers and layers of soil to gain minerals and dirt. If you’re keen on mining, you’ll gain precious stones and more durable resources to use in crafting various equipment and tools. But best of all, explore the world around you for the best place to set up your fort, I mean home. Putting it in a strategic location will keep out any unwanted straggler off your doorstep or make it much nearer to resources so you won’t have to travel too far.

Whatever your interest is, there’s no actual way on how you should enjoy The Blockheads but it’s really important to set up your home before you do any exploring lest you’ll end up staying out in the cold each night.

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